I’ve had to have a chuckle at my expense at not quite being prepared for even the slightest increase in online visibility. Let me explain. As the ever-curious learner I’ve found myself in multiple post-grad study environments throughout my communications career. This time, as I wade through the complex and intense landscape of a digital marketing course, the embarrassing datedness of this blog and another I have, made me wonder if I should just come clean with my first world problem of time poverty. Afterall, how better to tell you given if you’re here, you’ve probably clicked on a standard text ad – because I know for sure that my blog inertia would not have me ranking. I get it Google!

The experience of AdWords alone is something else. No wonder there are agencies offering expertise in this extraordinary platform, with whole teams dedicated to keyword searches, ideas targeting and diagnoses. The deep dive that the Australian College of Marketing’s digital marketing course offers, is a real eye-opener. It’s the sort of goldmine that digital media departments should condense into a presentation and show management at breakfast before there are any more questions about why BrandX isn’t selling.

What struck me following a conversation with a potential lead yesterday is just how closely aligned digital and marketing thinking needs to be working but likely isn’t. As I crawl more deeply into this fascinating, algorithmic world, where I now critique all digital information I am served with just a snippet (I have a long way to go yet), I’ve realised just how many more questions about a brand can be and should be asked if it’s to succeed online. And our compulsion with sales doesn’t need to be the defining metric!

I’ve always had a quiet soft spot for the other worldliness we are sharing right now, where brands, their voices and the conversations they generate, reside. So while my understanding of brands, due to a near 20 years working with branding agencies, has had an enormous impact on how I write and think, I’m pretty excited that I’ll have another feather in my cap later this year thanks to the Australian College of Marketing.

Time to return to my world of words that has changed forever. Always special just strengthened in ways I’ve always wanted, but never made time for.

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