DEZ:OMO’s objective on launch in 2010 was to provide brand/design news and information to creatives and account management teams working in both studios and client side. I wanted to assist the Australian design sector, specifically, with finding a platform to be heard in business circles. I’m not sure I contributed much but I am thrilled that the landscape has evolved. I’ve managed a few national stories in our Aussie broadsheets of late.

In 2014, DEZ:OMO has matured. From this day forth it will be more than just news and information in branding and design. Today it’s about the impact of integrated communications for companies’ internal and external health. It’s about understanding that powerful communications can be so profound as to affect social behaviour and it’s about being mindful of the shift in modern consumption that acknowledges changed social values and the power of digital connectivity. These are the themes intended as the bedrock for all posts.

I entered the corporate design world in 1997 with a job in the Environmental Branding division in Landor’s London office. An opportunity to assist in the communications department led to the start of an obsession with brand messaging, editing, writing, proofing, cultural criticism, commercial ethics and corporate culture.

At Wickens Tutt Southgate I had the opportunity to work under a team of talented creatives and well regarded brand strategists. At retail design consultancy Allen International I was in awe of the process and intellectual rigour of my superiors and at environmental brand specialists 20/20, based in Camden where I spent the best year of my London career, I could not have had a more engaging and trusting boss and mentor in Yaron Meshoulam whose brilliance and ability to lead his team enabled me to believe in myself.

In May 2001, I relocated back to my hometown Sydney where a brief stint at Chris Perks Design as National Communications Manager set me up with the local contacts I needed to launch a freelance career.  Four years after Design PR was born and multiple writing commissions later, my husband and I flew to New York, two kids in tow where he had accepted a job with JWT.

For the record DEZ:OMO is an acronym for DEZarnaulds, my French maiden name and OMOdiagbe, my Nigerian married name.

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