What the hell is Dezomo?

I launched DEZOMO in 2011 to provide brand/design news, stories and case-studies to creatives and account management teams working agency and client side. My mission was to assist the Australian design sector to be heard in business circles. My aim was to shift value perceptions of the industry to understand that design’s role stretched way beyond creative expression; that great design articulated personal values, ethics and above all else, purpose. Thankfully, we have made strides and the profession makes its way onto marketing agendas a lot more often than it did 20 years ago.

Today, I work with management and their teams (both in the creative services industry and beyond) to plan and execute marketing communications that align with both commercial and communication objectives. I offer a keen understanding of human-centred design and a genuine intrigue about how and why customers respond to and consume information, particularly online. This informs my integrated communications approach and assists with the strategic development of content using digital marketing strategy, social media, PR, media relations, copywriting and corporate communications.

As an advocate of the power of great design, it’s been motivating over the years to see that no matter the industry, business’ understanding of the role of branding has completely transformed. No longer is it deemed a case of expensive brand dress-ups but a process that embodies a product or service with a reason to be in business, for the long haul.

It’s the hard-earned efforts of the many talented business and design leaders, strategists and exceptional thinkers along with inspired young designers who’ve driven this change. Brand owners now get it. The strategic investment in brand and design consultation services is clear evidence of this.

The stories that every brand has the potential to tell, the why that each strives to uncover and then bed down to anchor its success, and the life-changing, real impact on daily lives that many brands can invigorate… this is what I love about marketing, and it is some of this magic that I aim to weave into my practice as a communications professional.

Oh – and in case you’re still wondering, Dezomo is the name you come up with when you join the first three letters of two very long surnames together simply because you love them both.

Dezarnaulds Omodiagbe was never going to work.

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