Writing Samples

Whether it be long-form editorial where ideas can be nutted out, media releases, copy for social channels, website copy, eDM’s, punchy headlines or sales and marketing collateral – words will always excite me. Here’s two handfuls of PR stories/content generated for a variety of clients along with a few thought pieces I’ve authored.

Frost rebrands as Frost*collective
Marketing Magazine talks to Pivot’s Dreu Harrison about business transformation
Packaging’s shift from lovely images to lovely experiences
Achieving the last mile smile
Craft Your Brand to Drive Business Success
Why Only Customer-centric companies have profitable retail brands
Avoiding Brand Babble
Checklist to harness the strategic power of digital marketing
Making the Property Magic happen 
Watermark Creative celebrates 26 years

Back in 2005 I was approached by reputable US design publication STEP Inside Design to write a feature about the Australian graphic design industry. The editorial looked at Australian designers referential use of their cultural cues and posited that designers, and indeed as individuals, we are obliged to look beyond boundaries to communicate with relevance. In doing so, my argument about Australian design was referenced by renowned British design critic, Rick Poynor, and later cited by design writer David Barringer in Cincinatti based publication, printmag.com.

This was published with case studies and interviews from Moon Design (Sydney), Fabio Ongarato (Melbourne), Voice Design (Adelaide) and Chemistry Design (Perth) representing  a cross-section of design companies from around the country. You can read this feature article here.

Over time, with the bedding down of communications in digital, so too has my skillset. Today I challenge clients to audit and address the strength of their brand’s digital presence alongside their communications objectives. Digital communications demands strategic planning and marcoms people – who must also be digital generalists – should be working with your business leaders and digital specialists to achieve business goals.

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