McDonald’s super-smarted at Fashion Week

Just when you think your retail strip is looking pretty tired, hope may well be on its way. The Cool Hunter’s ideas agency called Access’ recently collaborated with McDonald’s for International Fashion Week and the result provides pause for thought.

Seriously, despite my cravings for the occasional sundae and fries, I hate McDonald’s and everything it represents and attracts, but Access’ super-smart application of creativity would make anyone rethink their order.

Described on their website as ‘A transformational ideas agency’ Access created McFancy, a retail concept for McDonald’s launched at Fashion Week. With the New York Fashion event over-shadowed by the death of Alexander McQueen, McFancy very likely didn’t get the mainstream visibility it otherwise might have (or at least not for any open-minded client to hear about).

If you haven’t already seen these fab pics, where you’ll also find The Cool Hunter/Access Agency information about the project, log on to –

I know I for one will be keeping on top of what these wildly intelligent creatives are up to next. Yes, I guess I have a crush on you all!


  1. Perhaps “food for thought” would have been a more apt phrase in this context. I like the agency’s fusion of brands and concepts, although i do wonder whether Gucci chips somehow renders the Gucci brand as a little gluttonous…and whether that’s the image these high end fashion brands want to communicate?

  2. Not sure I approve of McDonald’s at Fashion week. McDonald’s stands for and represents everything that I assume Fashion week would detest- mediocrity. So…. wrap it up in some fancy paper with a few gold letters and we are all supposed to be salivating. Who would be so brainless as to be seduced by such crap???

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