More than a logo

LogoHereIn the land of brand (in Australia), some practitioners would agree it is enormously restrictive to align the discipline of branding so closely with the “logo”. The weight we assign this particular brand asset may contribute to a brand’s profitability over time by cleverly shifting perceptions, appealing to the visceral and ultimately affecting consumer purchase decisions, but a brand’s actual success is derived from a more complex application of the term.

It might be sheer sensitivity that I take offence, but the fact that the word has become so closely and wrongly associated with graphic quick-fixes only supports the view that the dialogue generated by some brand and design agencies, necessitates a rethink.

It’s fair to question the usefulness of creative rationales loaded with language like: ‘… so that the brand could communicate to the market as a trusted provider of…’ or ‘simple, clean, contemporary logo style’ or ‘distinctive, bold lettering…’ If a “logo” needs an extensive explanation that lists such generics, there’s a possibility that this brand asset may have valuation difficulties down the track. If I described myself as a bold, modern, unique communications professional who works to provide my clients with maximum, media impact – I’d expect eyes to roll.

Does mainstream and sector-relevant media also need to demand stronger content from the industry as well as probe a little deeper themselves, as solid journalism historically dictates?

Branding and all that’s involved in a brand project, is steered by strategy. Ideally thinkers are on both sides of the fence. Wouldn’t it be nice if this mutual ground of shared intelligence in the brand and design space was shared and communicated with the media and other public audiences? Right now this level of thinking is predominantly owned by ad guys and their planners but we all know there are brand guys out there who have a complex understanding of strategic business issues. Be more vocal please.

If brand and design agencies aren’t more savvy in their communications the industry will continue to provide soapy, redundant stories, a formula that seems perfectly acceptable in the current media climate.

Branding is big business, so let’s talk about it with the authority, insight and experience informing those not in the know that it’s more than just a logo.

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