Nestlé & Sainsbury’s Easter eggs go green

Packaging News|29 March 2010|Jill Park

MP Jo Swinson has published her annual report into Easter egg packaging, claiming that, in many cases, “the huge boxes contain more air than chocolate”.

This year Sainsbury’s and Nestlé came out on top with the most efficiently packaged egg and the only egg with packaging that is widely recycled, respectively.

Last year Nestlé reduced its Easter egg packaging by 30% and made changes so that 80% of its eggs were packaged with fully-recyclable material.

In 2010, the brand will ensure that 90% of its Easter egg packs are recyclable.

The confectionery giant has introduced new packaging for its Quality Street, Aero and After Eights eggs which now have no plastic fitments and made changes to their “mug” eggs so they are only packaged in cardboard.

“Consumers are tired of excess packaging – they are tired of paying for it and tired of having to dispose of it,” said Swinson.

“Easter eggs are a prime example – in many cases, the huge boxes contain more air than chocolate.”

Swinson highlighted the efforts made by Nestlé, Cadbury, Green & Black’s and Thorntons to reduce their packaging and improve recyclability, but added that Guylian and Lindt were still producing “grossly excessive packaging”.

“The government is clearly failing to enforce the law, which requires packaging to be reduced to the minimum necessary,” she added.

To read Swinson’s full report click here

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