Jamie Oliver wins Ted Prize

Obama and Jamie Oliver reshape America?

Let’s hope Jamie Oliver’s UK cool can rub off on America’s eating habits. His credentials are remarkable, and he is undisputedly deserving of a TED prize with –

  1. 12 television series in 130 countries
  2. 10 cookbooks translated into 29 languages, almost 24 million copies sold in 56 countries
  3. His School Dinners/Feed Me Better campaign pressured the UK government to invest $1 billion to overhaul school lunches
  4. Founded the Fifteen Foundation, a social enterprise and chef apprenticeship for 18-24 yr olds. Based in London, it has been replicated through franchising in Amsterdam, Cornwall and Melbourne
  5. A new TV series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution USA, is to air on ABC in 2010, bringing Jamie’s unique vision to America

Unfortunately, while Jamie’s focus is where it should be (in halting the obesity epidemic) – we, especially in the US, still calorie count rather than start with the right foods in the first place (fruit and vegetables, or just REAL FOOD). It’s simply a change of food perspective that’s needed.

2011 will see it law in the US to calorie-post. Good on you Obama, but this is such a superficial solution. Dunkin’ Donut, Burger King and the crowded stable of franchised fast food outlets must simply be avoided altogether. Their job is to feed your cravings; it’s the business of obesity. They don’t do healthy eating. Go home and make yourself a meal with real ingredients. And to top it all off people actually believe that calorie counts on these brand websites are meaningful? Newsflash! You can’t lose weight eating french fries and donuts no matter how hard you try.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the 25% of Americans who are considered obese will rise to 43 %, or 103 million by 2018 costing an anticipated $344 billion per year. Today obesity chews up almost 10 percent of US health care costs annually. This will rise to 21 percent by 2018. The World Health Organisation projects that by 2015 there will be  2.3 billion overweight.

So, what’s this got to do with my brand blog? I’m going to think about that one and add a new post later.

For the full story log on to http://blog.ted.com/2009/12/ted_prize_winne_4.php

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