JWT’s female creatives pull some Kotex punch

“I just started bleeding & I feel fantastic!” Typical image used for feminine hygiene products.

JWT’s latest campaign for Kotex works for all the reasons the media have spelled out. But for many women it will work simply because it was created by women, and therefore makes sense. It’s not that the ads are even that hilarious – JWT could have pushed the humor further – but the campaign is market focused, clever, relevant and fresh.

Menstruation product advertising has up until now been a little too close to pleasing the male viewer and alienating its target.

Kotex U: old print ad

So, hats off to Kotex for moving on. I can now relate to Kotex as a brand. It speaks to me, it has a sense of humour, it understands my experience and it can provide me with a decent product when I need it. Maybe Kotex should be the new generic word for tampon from now on. I know I’m going to start using it.

If  you haven’t seen the TV spot yet, follow the link below –

Kotex TV campaign

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