Is customer service a dying art?

This post questions whether the quality of brands’ customer service is too often neglected, while the beginning and middle parts of a customer’s brand journey, (more commonly understood to be the customer experience), take not only the marketing spotlight, but the budget as well.

The final stage of the customer journey is arguably one of the most significant. This is the point of transaction engagement. This is the point at which a customer’s journey translates into a purchase decision. Currency is traded for product or service. The customer must necessarily feel engaged with the brand emotionally to increase likelihood of the ‘experience’ being sought after repeatedly. If the customer service falls short after a customer’s seamless multi dimensional ride of alluring brand messages, quirky digital media marketing, engaging retail promotions, experiential marketing efforts and even solid press… if the final customer touch-points disappoint on any emotional level, the brand increases its risk of losing that customer and then some – let’s not forget the frightening power of word of mouth.

Knowing that customer service falls smack bang along the journey, be this at the end or during the brand relationship, why do brand guardians, their marketers, brand managers and agencies consistently botch up the final detail? Receiving good customer service is synonymous with fine dining. If you are nudged out the door too soon after paying the bill, the bitterness lingers.

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