Facebook wants brands to get liked

Facebook’s Like button is a curious brand metric that most of us take as read. But what does it really mean and to whom? A report conducted by social media specialists, Lithium and the Chief Marketing Officer Council, in the US, surveyed 1,300 consumers and 132 senior marketers to find out. The report, posted on http://www.allfacebook.com – the Unofficial Facebook Resource, makes statistically clear that both marketers and consumers have different understandings of the “Like” function. As an aside it is possible that initially Facebook may have undervalued the strength that the “Likes” function is proving to offer brands, and it is being made increasingly clear by on-line media that marketers will be left behind if they don’t start using this data strategically.

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to track the movement of Facebook Likes for brands that received press in last week’s online editions of AdNews and B&T Weekly. Here’s what I found – Facebook Likes. A couple of observations that I think are worthy of a mention are:

– If your brand is speaking to the media about current brand marketing activity, make sure your online presence is up to speed.  Grant’s Whisky has no Facebook presence and using Facebook as a holding page is just disappointing.

– If the global brand’s Facebook presence is that much more dynamic than the local presence, there’s work to do. It was a challenge to locate Coca-Cola Australia, so when a brand is choosing a Facebook name, be smart about it.

– Telcos have traditionally produced some of the most dynamic TV campaigns we see, yet Vodafone and Optus’ Facebook presence visually lags behind. Laziness?

– Lastly, isn’t there something oddly inconsistent with a major publishing house not having a strong presence online?

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